Peloton goes to Washington – Lobbying paperwork filed

MarketWatch reports this week that Peloton has filed paperwork allowing it to lobby in Washington DC. Peloton plans to use a mix of in-house and external lobbyists, according to their paperwork. The registration documents, known as LD-1 disclosures, were filed in mid February, but are just coming to light this week.

The disclosures filed show that Peloton’s lobbying efforts will focus on 3 main things: manufacturing, social justice, and health & wellness. The “specific lobbying issues” listed in one of the disclosures states:

“Made in America” manufacturing investment. Legislation in support of social justice and human equality issues. Policymaking and government programming to support health and wellness of Americans, in particular during COVID-19 recovery.

Peloton’s in-house lobbyist will be led by a recent new hire – Justin Kintz. He was hired in February 2021 by Peloton, and has the position of “SVP, Government Relations & Public Policy”. Prior to working at Peloton, he was the “VP, Head of Global Public Policy” of Uber, according to his LinkedIn.

Peloton also plans to utilize some outside companies & lobbyists as well to work on their behalf. Peloton filed paperwork indicating people from “Tai Ginsberg & Associates, LLC”, as well as “Forbes-Tate” would be lobbying on their behalf. According to the disclosures filed for these two firms (found here and here), these firms will be helping Peloton with “Support for at-home fitness technologies. Introductions to Members of Congress” as well as “Issues related to commerce, tax, trade and health”

What do these filings & the fact Peloton is registering people as lobbyist on their behalf mean? Not too much. Many large publicly traded companies end up registering some number of lobbyists in DC to try to encourage certain legislation. Last summer Peloton introduced their $100 million Peloton Pledge to “fight racial injustice and inequity in our world and to promote health and wellbeing for all”, so Peloton might see some of the lobbying as falling under that pledge. Peloton also has an outstanding lawsuit against the US government over tariffs on products made & imported from China.

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