Peloton “The Annual” 2021 Challenge expanded to new 20,000 minutes levels

One of Peloton’s many challenges available through the platform is called “The Annual”. Announced at the beginning of the year, it is a challenge to see how many minutes of workouts you can complete over the course of the year.

When it was first announced, the highest level badge you could receive was for 15,000 minutes. While for some members this would take them all year, others hit this point by the summer.

Now, Peloton has updated the Peloton 2021 “The Annual” challenge and added an additional two tiers worth of achievements.

The maximum badge available is now for 20,000 minutes. There is also a secondary badge available for those who hit 18,000 minutes.

If you’re wondering how many minutes you need to work out every day between now and the end of the year to hit a a certain badge in The Annual – we have a calculator on our site specifically for that! Check it out.

The new tiers available in Peloton's The Annual 2021 challenge.
The new tiers available in Peloton’s The Annual 2021 challenge.

Peloton had a similar expansion of the challenge with last year’s edition. When the 2020 Annual challenge was first announced, it maxed out at 5,000 minutes. Peloton then expanded the maximum to 10,000 minutes in August for the 2020 edition.

And don’t forget, if you like earning badges like this, we have a full list other Peloton badges available, and what classes you need to take to earn Peloton badges.

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