Peloton Celebrating Galentine’s Day on February 13, 2024 With Numerous Two-For-One Classes

Members may have noticed that Peloton has several two-for-one classes listed on the upcoming schedule for next week. On Tuesday, February 13 there are four live classes across four modalities being taught by two instructors.

These classes are in celebration of “Galentine’s Day” – a day that celebrates female friendship, typically celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day.

There are four two-for-one classes on the live upcoming schedule, and one being added on-demand.

Peloton Galentine’s Day Classes

  • 30 min. Two For One Barre – Ally Love & Hannah Corbin – 2/13/24 @ 10:00am ET [On-Demand]
  • 30 min. Two For One Walk + Run – Joslyn Thompson Rule & Susie Chan – 2/13/24 @ 2:00pm ET
  • 30 min. Two For One Yoga Conditioning – Kirra Michel & Mariana Fernández – 2/13/24 @ 6:30pm ET
  • 30 min. Groove Two For One Ride – Emma Lovewell & Leanne Hainsby – 2/13/24 @ 7:00 pm ET
  • 30 min. Two For One Row – Ash Pryor & Katie Wang – 2/13/24 @ 8:00pm ET
Two-For-One Peloton Classes on February 13, 2024
Two-For-One Peloton Classes on February 13, 2024

One of the class descriptions reads: “Time to celebrate the friends that love us, support us and empower us. Join your Peloton pals in these special Two For One classes for Galentine’s Day.”

Note that one of the classes at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) includes U.K.-based instructor Leanne Hainsby, who is teaching numerous classes while she is in town next week.

All of these live classes will have members in them. The classes were added to the booking schedule today, on February 8th (along with the regular drop of classes for 6 weeks from now). It was not teased or shared ahead of time that these classes would be added.

Susie Chan shared a video of her and Joslyn Thompson Rule preparing for their class.

Susie and Joslyn preparing for their Peloton Galentine's Day class.
Susie and Joslyn preparing for their Peloton Galentine’s Day class.

The concept of Galentine’s Day was first popularized by the television show “Parks and Recreation,” and celebrates the bonds of friendship among women. Peloton also has Valentine’s Day classes listed on the upcoming schedule for February 14.

Though Peloton has previously held special two-for-one classes during Women’s History Month in March, this is the first time they will debut content for Galentine’s Day. If you’re interested in other Peloton classes taught by multiple instructors, we have a complete list available on our site.

Are you looking forward to Peloton’s new Galentine’s Day classes on February 13?

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