New Digital Holiday Cards Featuring Instructor Quotes and the “5 Motivation Languages” of Peloton

Peloton has announced a new set of digital holiday cards that people can send to their friends, accompanied by a 30-day free trial of the Peloton App. The digital cards feature the five “universal motivation languages” that will help members “Give the #GiftOfMotivation.”

Peloton Digital Holiday Cards
Peloton Digital Holiday Cards

Peloton shared the news in a press release:

Today, Peloton announced the launch of Motivation Languages, inspired by the cultural continuum of Love Languages, to help people motivate friends and family to get through the busy holiday season, while also taking care of themselves.
To understand the role of motivation in overcoming the many challenges that come with the holiday season, Peloton commissioned a five-market research study that found the vast majority of people (81%) prioritize their loved ones, but more than half (51%) wish they prioritized themselves during this demanding time of year.

7 out of 10 Peloton survey respondents shared that they can do anything when they feel motivated – however, everyone is motivated by different things. Peloton collaborated with Dr. Pooja Lakshmin MD, a psychiatrist, author, and entrepreneur, to recognize five motivation languages that address the various ways individuals can be motivated. The languages are described below:

  1. Having Fun – You’re motivated by having fun and enjoying yourself, letting loose, relaxing and having a good time.
  2. Achieving Goals – You’re motivated to perform your best, meet your goals, reach a new milestone, feel the best you ever have.
  3. Building Community – You’re motivated by connecting with others, inviting friends and families to join and encourage you, working out is a collaborative experience.
  4. Positive Affirmations – You’re motivated by kindness, encouragement and positivity that you give to yourself and share with others.
  5. Tough Love – You’re motivated by structure, strong words, and a no-BS attitude.

Based on these five categories Peloton has created a series of digital holiday cards that are available via their Pinterest page. 56 new digital holiday cards are available to download featuring a quote from each instructor, with both English and German options to choose from.

Peloton Digital Holiday Cards
Peloton Digital Holiday Cards

Clicking on the digital holiday card will bring you to the Peloton App page on the Peloton website, where you can sign up for a 30 day free trial. It is worth noting that Peloton offers a 30 day free trial for all new app users, so the digital holiday cards aren’t offering anything that new customers can’t already get.

Peloton Digital Holiday Cards
Peloton Digital Holiday Cards

Peloton is currently celebrating the holidays with a number of special classes, which can be viewed via our site or the dedicated Peloton collection. Peloton is also running a December Holiday Challenge throughout the month of December, which provides an opportunity to acquire a new badge.

You can read more about Peloton’s new digital holiday cards via the press release, and you can find them all on the Peloton Pinterest page.

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