2022 Peloton Holiday Classes List (Peloton Christmas Workouts)

Peloton has officially kicked off its Holiday celebration for 2022. Mariah Carey made an appearance in the Peloton Studios and kicked off the holiday & festive season telling riders “It’s Time”.

As is tradition, Peloton will host a number of holiday-themed Peloton classes throughout the course of the month (the first class actually took place at the end of November). Most of the classes will simply say “Holiday” on them – though a number of them are more focused on Christmas. It remains to be seen if there are any Hanukkah-themed classes this year.

For those who love their badges – there is a special Holiday 2022 badge available this year, which you can find on our list of Peloton badges here. In addition, there is a special Holiday Flash challenge, where you can earn an extra badge for taking more holiday classes by the end of December.

Below you’ll find a list of all of the upcoming Peloton Holiday classes for 2022. As the classes take place, we’ll periodically add the link to them in the on-demand library.

List of 2022 Peloton Holiday Classes (Rides, Run, Yoga, Strength & more)

This list will be updated for the rest of the month as the schedule is made available. Expect to see a few extra classes added straight to the on-demand library as well – which we’ll add as they show up. Peloton is also adding classes to the collection here.

As you look to the end of the year, note that Peloton has already announced there will be no live Peloton classes from Dec 23-25, as well as from Dec 30 – Jan 1.

In previous years, the German classes were called Peloton Festive classes – but for 2022, it appears all classes will stick with the same Peloton Holiday class naming system. As mentioned above, you won’t find any classes specifically named “Peloton Christmas classes” – they’ll have the more generic Peloton Holiday classes.

If you can’t get enough Peloton holiday rides & runs, you can find a complete list of Peloton’s holiday classes here – which includes every year from the past.

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