Peloton Renews Alex Toussaint’s Ride to Greatness for Season 2 – Returning January 27, 2022

Peloton is bringing back instructor Alex Toussaint’s signature series Ride to Greatness for Season 2! Peloton made the announcement via Instagram this morning with a teaser video:

It’s ON. @alextoussaint25’s Ride to Greatness is BACK! 🗣
Are you #TeamActivate or #TeamValidate? You better bring that hustle, because we’re going to keep elevating week after week after week…🚀
Head to the link in bio for everything you need to know before the season begins on Jan 27th.

The series will return on Thursday, January 27. There are a few key differences between this year and Season 1, which launched in March of 2021.

Last year the competition was determined by the best of five games, but this year has been shortened to the best of three games. There will also only be one practice between each game, compared to the two that took place last year.

Also, Season 1 took place on Saturday afternoons, but this year’s rides will be held on Monday and Thursday evenings in the 6:30pm ET timeslots, with practices and games happening in the same week. Practices will be on Mondays, while games are on Thursday nights. Last year each round took 3 weeks – with 2 practice rounds and 1 game each taking place on consecutive Saturdays – while this year each round is being condensed down to one week. You can view the complete schedule for the series below:

Peloton + Alex Toussaant’s Ride to Greatness Season 2 Schedule


Week 1

Week 2

  • 30 min. Ride to Greatness Practice – Alex Toussaint – 2/7/22 @ 6:30pm ET
  • 20 min. Ride to Greatness Game 2 – Alex Toussaint – 2/10/22 @ 6:30pm ET

Week 3

  • 30 min. Ride to Greatness Practice – Alex Toussaint – 2/14/22 @ 6:30pm ET
  • 20 min. Ride to Greatness Game 3 – Alex Toussaint – 2/17/22 @ 6:30pm ET

Peloton also published a blog post with additional information about the Ride to Greatness Season 2. The post highlights that professional athletes will be featured as team leaders, such as Seth Curry and Skylar Diggins-Smith.

Peloton will also be utilizing the special leaderboard filter to highlight those team leaders and make it easier to compete alongside them.

To join the Ride to Greatness, you must add one of two leaderboard tags on your profile – either #TeamActivate or #TeamValidate. You will then be part of the competition when you ride live during the official classes on Mondays and Thursdays.

The winner of the competition will be determined by taking the average output for everyone who rides the “Game” rides live. Whichever team has the higher average output for that ride will be considered the winner, and Peloton will likely post the announcements on their social media channels following each game.

An apparel drop has also accompanied the announcement, with two new jerseys now available via the Peloton Apparel website.

You can find more information about the series on Peloton’s blog. If you’re participating in the Ride to Greatness Season 2, make sure to catch the preseason ride on Thursday, January 27 at 6:30pm ET and add #TeamActivate or #TeamValidate to your profile!

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