Pelothon 2021 Guide – Dates, Teams, Badges, Requirements, FAQs & more!

Last summer, Peloton hosted a competition between their members they called "Pelothon". The 2020 Pelothon competition saw members pick between 6 different teams, and each week featured different challenges and class competitions.

We've gotten a number of questions about Is Pelothon happening again in 2021? At this point we do not know for sure. However, if it is announced, you can be sure we'll share all the details here once they are available.

Not sure what Pelothon is? Check our post from last year with ALL the details.

NOTE - At this time we are not sure if Pelothon 2021 is happening or not. This page is a placeholder for details if/when it is announced - or with confirmation it isn't happening too.

What is Pelothon 2021?

It would be a 4 week challenge to get people motivated and working out, build some camaraderie, earn some new badges, and help Peloton raise some money for charities.

When is Pelothon 2021?

TBA! Last year it was from mid July to mid August - no word yet on if Peloton plans to hold Pelothon 2021 in the same time frame or not.

What are the Pelothon 2021 challenges each week?

Last year Pelothon was divided up into four weeks of challenges, with an (achievable) set of tasks to complete to take each week.

Are there badges for Pelothon 2021

Most likely! Last year you got a special badge each week, then an extra 5th badge if you had successfully completed all 4 weeks

Pelothon Progress Tracking Tool for 2021!

Last year, we built a tool that allowed you to track and share your progress every week. Look for an updated version this year, assuming Peloton hasn't built their own!

Pelothon 2021 Results & Winners

Winners won't be known until after the competition ends! If you want to see who won last year, you can find our detailed post (click here), breaking down the overall winners, and a look into the stats for each week.