Peloton Announces Completed Class Checkmarks and Other Features Will Be Temporarily Unavailable Over the Next Four Days

Peloton just announced via their status page that over the next four days, from 8/18 through 8/22, several features of the app and equipment that members have come to rely on will be unavailable. The features being affected include the checkmarks that members see on the thumbnail of a class that they have taken, as well as the number of your friends that have taken a class. This also impacts the ability to filter by classes you have previously taken.

Peloton Announces Features Will Be Missing Temporarily
Peloton Announces Features Will Be Missing Temporarily

The message says:

Completed Rides & Rides Completed by Friends Partial Degraded Performance

Minor features across the Peloton platform will be temporarily unavailable between 8/18-8/22 including: Members will not be able to see checkmarks next to rides they have taken or the number of friends that have completed a given workout. We apologize for any interruption to your workout.

Members may have already noticed these changes on their app, but it will be temporary, and members can expect all information to be restored by 8/23.

These outages coincide with the AFO Music Festival that Peloton is hosting from 8/19 though 8/22. It seems reasonable to speculate that because AFO will draw many more members to the platform at the same time than usual, perhaps Peloton is trying to relieve some of the load on the servers so that there are no crashes during the festivities this weekend.

Peloton has had issues with outages before, so if this is a preventative measure, it would be a prudent strategy. Just yesterday evening Peloton had a short outage, lasting approximately 15 minutes, and just a week ago Peloton had a two and a half hour outage. In August the servers crashed when Lizzo was in studios. Hopefully these small and temporary changes can prevent any issues with streaming this weekend.

Peloton's 8/17 Outage Announcement
Peloton’s 8/17 Outage Announcement

You can keep track of all of Peloton’s outages and outage announcements at

Many members love their completion checkmarks, have yours disappeared already? If Peloton is taking these features down to prevent outages during AFO, how do you feel about that choice as a possible solution?

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Tatiana Sokolik
Tatiana Sokolik is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Bike and Tread in 2020 and has been smitten with Peloton ever since.


  • lawboy says:

    What are they doing with my extra $5?! Taking my check marks away, that’s what. Jeez!

  • _Moonracer_ says:

    My goodness, stop trying to drag down an amazing product, service and community, In this age of tremendous technological upgrades and upheaval, we’ll all survive without a check mark for a few days and be just as satisfied with the overall provision of the Peloton product.

  • Candis says:

    I was wondering 🤔 where the check marks went. I noticed it yesterday, thank God I remember the classes I have taken and alot of times I retake it again. Not a big deal for me. If it helps the platform,then I am all in….. I don’t like the outages, so if this helps…Yay!

  • Mar says:

    Thank you for the explanation!

  • Jill T. says:


  • Alex says:

    Peloton enthusiast, software professional, here.

    I get it. They don’t have the budget to make enhancements. And they want those user minutes numbers.

    Having said that, it is a helpful feature that I hope they can bring back soon, and figure out how to keep (within budget) next year.

    I guess I’d rather temporarily lose this super-helpful feature for a week so they can drive traffic and user adoption in the future. Hopefully they can do both next year.

    While they’re at it, so many more technology improvements can be made. The platform is really showing its age.

    But I still love it.

  • Matthew Polster says:

    You have got to be kidding – If anyone actually believes that a “check mark” is going to impact a servers capability to NOT crash – you are definitely NOT in IT!

  • EastBayTwinMama says:

    Is anyone else experiencing the loss of metrics in their ride as part of degraded performance? The cadence, output, resistance, mileage, etc. are all zero. I certainly don’t mind the checkmarks disappearing, but I do care about the metrics.

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