Peloton Instructor Jenn Sherman Updates Members On Class Schedule, Citing “Medical Issue”

Peloton instructor Jenn Sherman took to Instagram today to update members about her absence from the live Peloton class schedule in recent weeks. Jenn posted two videos to her Instagram Stories on January 1, 2024.

Update – Jenn has shared that she will be back teaching classes starting Jan 23rd.

Jenn shares that she knows people have been wondering why she has not been teaching live classes. She goes on to share that she has been dealing with a medical issue – but that is nothing serious and she will be fine.

Unfortunately, she shared that her doctors haven’t given her the OK yet to return to teaching live classes, so she will be off the live schedule for a little bit longer.

Jenn Sherman goes on to explicitly state she isn’t planning on going anywhere, and plans to resume teaching live Peloton classes as soon as she can and she gets medical clearance to do so.

Jenn Sherman update video posted to Instagram.
Jenn Sherman update video posted to Instagram.

“What is up everybody? Happy 2024. Alright, let’s cut to the chase and just get to the elephant in the room. So, yes. I have been off the Bike for a minute. Um, for more than a minute. And I just want you all to know – as I’ve gotten so many messages and I know you’re all curious – I am totally fine. You’ve seen me running around the mall, you saw me dancing in my kitchen. I am fine, but I did have a medical issue that I’ve been dealing with these last couple of weeks. Nothing serious, I’m going to be perfectly 100% fine. But unfortunately I don’t have the green light to be back on the Bike yet. I was hoping that I was going to be back this week, and unfortunately I just need a little bit longer. You wouldn’t want me to come back sooner than I can, right? So thank you for being patient. No, I’m not going anywhere and I’m going to be back as soon as I can be back, as soon as my doctor gives me the thumbs up. I’m hoping that that is real soon and I will update you as I go.”

In the next Story, Jenn Sherman goes on to explain that the medical issue she has been combating is nothing serious – it is more “annoying” than anything else. She does not yet know the exact date she’ll be cleared to return to teaching cycling, but she will be back as soon as she is able and will keep members updated.

Jenn was off the live schedule throughout the entire month of December; her last live classes were taught on November 28. She has had a couple of pre-recorded on-demand drops throughout her absence. This included her Kelly Clarkson cool down ride, as well as her Hannukah ride.

In addition to Jenn, Marcel Dinkins has also been off the live schedule for some time as she recovers from surgery. Kirra Michel and Anna Greenberg are operating on modified schedules – teaching mostly restorative and meditation content – while they both recover from injuries.

Please join us in wishing Jenn all the best throughout the healing process!

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