First Episode of “On the Leaderboard with Peloton” Now Available featuring Jess Sims & Usain Bolt

The first episode of Peloton’s new series, On the Leaderboard with Peloton, is now available! You can watch the premiere episode featuring instructor Jess Sims and Olympian Usain Bolt via YouTube.

The episode description reads:

You’ve seen him sprint—but have you seen him sweat? Like, really sweat? In this premiere episode of On The Leaderboard, Peloton instructor Jess Sims takes World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt through a three-part workout on the Peloton Tread, challenging him to keep the pace while being put to the test.

The premiere is just over 12 minutes long and showcases instructor Jess Sims running alongside legendary Olympian Usain Bolt on two Peloton Treads. After a quick warm-up they play three games: uphill battle, this or that, and last set, best set.

Bolt discusses how he first got into Peloton after retiring from his iconic track & field career, and shares that he takes most of his classes with instructor Ally Love. Jess asks Usain a series of trivia questions in uphill battle, and then they play a version of “would you rather” together in this or that. They close out the workout with a series of rapid-fire questions while increasing speed on the Tread before cooling down.

Peloton first announced the new series earlier this week by dropping a teaser video. Peloton has also hinted on social media that future episodes will also take place on the Bike, not solely on the Tread.

The second episode of On the Leaderboard with Peloton, featuring instructor Olivia Amato and recording artist Joe Jonas, will be released on April 29 according to Jonas’ Twitter account. You can subscribe to Peloton’s YouTube channel to ensure you never miss an episode.

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