Peloton “Extra” Class Series Rebrands & Expands with Extra 5 Row Classes

Peloton is rebranding their popular “Extra 10” class series. Originally known as “The Extra 10,” the classes will be known moving forward as “The Extra Series.”

Peloton's The Extra Series Collection
Peloton’s The Extra Series Collection

The dedicated collection is now displaying the updated name.

The change has been made because the first “extra 5” classes – meaning that they are only five minutes long instead of 10 minutes – have been released in rowing. There are three new classes available, the first time the “extra” series has made its way to the row modality. Note that at time of publishing, these are not appearing in the collection, but are expected to before too long.

First Peloton Extra 5 Rowing Classes

New "Extra 5" rowing classes.
New “Extra 5” rowing classes.

This suggests Peloton could also begin adding 5 minute class lengths in the other extra modalities, such as rides, runs, and walks.

The Extra 10 class format first launched in November of 2022, with classes added nearly every week since then – typically on Mondays. By definition, the classes do not contain a warm up and are designed to be stacked after another workout. We also shared earlier this year that the series would expand to additional modalities.

You can find all classes in the Extra Series via the dedicated Peloton collection.

Do you enjoy the Extra 10 classes? Would you take Extra 5 rides, runs, and walks if they were available?

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