Buffering & Streaming issues in UK & Germany – and community project to share data

Update – As of November 6th, Peloton reports the issue has been fixed:

This issue has now been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues streaming Peloton content, please contact our Member Support team on 0808 169 6469 (UK) / 0800 0010028 (DE)

Peloton has been experiencing widespread streaming & buffering issues for both live and on-demand classes for riders in the UK & Germany for several weeks. Peloton officially recognized it as an issue, and created an official incident on October 25th, stating:

We are investigating an issue with Peloton classes in the UK & Germany. This may impact your ability to take live or on-demand classes. We appreciate your patience at this time and we are working hard to get you back up and riding as quickly as possible!

Three days later, Peloton posted that the issue had been identified and they are working to resolve it.

We have identified an issue with Peloton classes in the UK & Germany and we are working to resolve it. This may impact your ability to take live or on-demand classes. We appreciate your patience at this time and we are working hard to get you back up and riding as quickly as possible!

However, that last status was a week ago, and Peloton does not yet appear to have rolled out a fix.

One Peloton member, Dov Katz (#DovOps), has started a project to try to spot some trends and allow members to share information among themselves on the issue. Users can fill out this spreadsheet to submit data the project. You provide your Peloton username, and your closest airport. The project is then able to download your workout history, and gather stats on any buffering you’ve encountered in your classes. Once you submit the spreadsheet, you’ll get an email showing you any workouts you’ve taken since January 1st where you’ve had buffering.

Example of the email you get after submitting your information on the spreadsheet.
Beyond submitting a report to you, the data can also be used to create some trends & visualize the aggregate data. One graph shows a timeline of the number of rides, number of users, and amount of time buffering occurred, and a large spike can be seen at the end of October – lining up with the incident above.

Timeline showing when major buffering events occurred.

You can view several graphs worth of data, without submitting data, through this link. At time of publishing there are 5 different views of the data available.

Of course, the larger the sample size, the more useful the data will be. And those submitting their info to the spreadsheet are more than likely those affected by the buffering, so keep that in mind as well! The project is open-sourced on Github, and available here.

For those who didn’t know, Peloton does have an official status & outage page you can check if you are having issues to find out if it is an outage or known issue.

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  • Matt says:

    So glad to find this webpage after getting the run around from Peloton support about checking my network etc (which obviously I had done)! First response is to blame the user. Should be noted that my experience of buffering has been predominantly on Peloton digital and this doesn’t seem to be reported in the stats on the Buffergate website as none of my Peloton digital runs show up there – so the the true incidence of the problem is larger than Buffergate is showing.

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