Peloton Australia Winter Sale 2023 – Up to $600 off Accessories Bundles on Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread & Guide

Peloton has launched a sale on hardware devices in Australia. Labeled the “Winter Offer,” customers can receive discounts on the device itself and accessory packages for the Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Guide.

The sale begins August 10, 2023 and runs through August 22, 2023. Peloton has updated the Australia homepage with new images and text advertising the offer.

Peloton Australia homepage.
Peloton Australia homepage.

Customers can receive between $200 and $600 off depending on the accessory package (or lack thereof) selected. The full details for each device are outlined below:

  • Peloton Bike
    • Bike Basics – $200 off
    • Bike Starter – $400 off
    • Bike Ultimate – $500 off
  • Peloton Bike+
    • Bike+ Basics – $400 off
    • Bike+ Starter – $500 off
    • Bike+ Ultimate – $600 off
  • Peloton Tread
    • Tread Basics – $400 off
    • Tread Starter – $500 off
    • Tread Ultimate – $600 off
  • Peloton Guide
    • Guide Starter – $200 off
    • Guide Select – $200 off
    • Guide Ultimate – $200 off
Peloton Bike discounts on Australia website.
Peloton Bike discounts on Australia website.

As a reminder, the Row is not currently for sale in Australia.

Peloton has published a new support page with details about the winter offer in Australia. Financing can be used, and note that as with all hardware sales, the All-Access monthly membership that is required in order to access Peloton content is separate. Referral codes can be used – however, only the referral code provider will be rewarded and the device purchaser will not receive any additional discounts.

Peloton Tread discounts on Australia website.
Peloton Tread discounts on Australia website.

Though not officially confirmed, we anticipate a similar offer in other markets will launch tomorrow, August 10. We will be sure to share details if and when those offers are announced.

For more information about Peloton’s winter offer in Australia, you can visit the dedicated Peloton support page.

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