Peloton Sending On-Screen Reminder to Bike/Bike+ Owners to Replace Bike Pedals Annually

Peloton has begun to remind members who own a Bike and Bike+ that they should replace their pedals once per year. Members may start to see pop-up reminders on their Bike or Bike+ screens in the coming days & weeks.

The on-screen reminder has the header “Pedal Maintenance Notification”, and contains the following message:

To properly maintain your Peloton Bike/Bike+, we strongly recommend you replace your pedals annually. For more information, scan the QR code.

It looks similar to this:

Users will see a screen that looks similar to this with a pedal reminder.
Users will see a screen that looks similar to this with a pedal reminder.

The QR code will link members to a support page (which has existed for years) that contains the recommendation pedals be replaced annually. The support page says:

Pedals on any stationary bike should be replaced regularly to avoid failures that can result from wear and tear.
We highly recommend replacing your pedals annually as part of routine maintenance to ensure that your Peloton Bike or Bike+ remains in proper working order.

The page includes a video tutorial with instructions for how to remove old pedals and install new pedals. This is in addition to other recommended regular maintenance, such as tightening the pedals and adjusting the pedal tension.

However, this will be the first time Peloton has nudged members to replace their pedals via a pop-up on the device itself. This appears to be an annual alert moving forward, so members will likely receive another notification yearly from now on.

Note that the reminders are apparently being rolled out slowly, so not all users should expect to have received the alert just yet.

Pedals can be purchased via Peloton’s website for $55, or there are a number of options on Amazon & other retailers. You can read more about Peloton’s recommended pedal maintenance via the dedicated support page.

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.


  • SM says:

    Having been a road cyclist for 15+years saying you need to replace your pedals from home use even if you have two/three riders is a money grab. Huge supporter of Peloton but saying that is just wasteful. Cleats are one thing but even then you should be able to get thousands of miles out of a clear if only worn indoors.

  • Aaron says:

    Omg, you don’t need to replace pedals yearly unless they are worn out. You might need to replace the cleat occasionally. Before replacing them inspect them first. Look for a worn cleat that is hard to engage/release. Look for a wobbly pedal on the axle and any corrosion.

  • Dave says:

    Annual pedal replacement? A new tactic to raise revenue, perhaps, or indicative of the poor quality components used to build the bikes (I’ve ridden several, which drove me straight to buying one from another manufacturer). Funny – I’ve put tens of thousands of miles on single sets of clipless pedals over the years, without fault or failure.

    Peloton may be trying hard to right their ship, but it’s made of paper, spit and wishful thinking, it seems.

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