Update to Peloton Studio Booking Process: Waitlist Classes No Longer Count Towards Limit

Peloton has quietly made an update to the in-person studio booking process: waitlist classes no longer count towards the weekly limit.

When Peloton announced the new studio regulations last month, they implemented a limit of two classes per day and four per weekend (with the weekend being defined as the Thursday – Monday time period). In other words, members cannot book more than two classes in a single day and four classes across the weekend. This change was made alongside a number of other updates likely intended to allow more people the opportunity to take in-person classes at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL).

At the time, Peloton’s rules were that waitlist classes counted towards the overall limit. However, Peloton recently updated the Peloton studio FAQ page, and it now reads:

In order to accommodate as many Members as possible, each individual Member can book 2 classes per day or 4 classes per week. Waitlisted spots do not count towards your limit.

Updated Peloton Studio FAQ page.
Updated Peloton Studio FAQ page.

This means that members can now book waitlist classes in addition to the two classes per day, or four per weekend that will count towards their overall limit.

This technically makes it possible to take more classes than what is regularly allowed within a single weekend. For example, you could book four classes and add a fifth waitlist class, and be let into that class if a spot opens up.

However, Peloton has maintained that their goal is to let more members access in-person classes, so they could potentially give preference to someone on the waitlist who does not already have other in-person classes booked during that weekend. At the same time, Peloton does not want empty studio spots, so they would fill the spot with someone who is technically already at or over the limit versus letting the spot stay empty.

If you’re hoping to take classes in-person at either PSNY or PSL, we have a number of resources available, including the top tips & tricks for securing a spot in a class, as well as a comprehensive guide of everything you need to know throughout the booking process.

What do you think about these changes?

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