Rumor: Bike Bootcamps from Peloton London UK studios soon

Peloton’s Bike Bootcamps are likely going global soon, according to a well-positioned source inside Peloton. That source? Sam Yo.

During Sam’s first live class from the new Peloton London Studio today (his 30 minute British Rock Ride, 9/16/21 @ 1:30pm ET), Sam took time during the pre-show to walk through the new camera angles in the studio. When talking about Camera 5 (which is the overhead view), Sam noted that it won’t get used much for cycling classes.

He then went on to note however that it would be good for both strength and *wink wink / nudge nudge* bike bootcamp classes.

While not a guarantee Bike Bootcamp is coming to London and the UK / German instructors, it’s a pretty big hint – and seems like a logical next step for Peloton to take with the brand new London studio.

Peloton has also mentioned during earning calls and other interviews with investors that they see bootcamps (both Bike & Tread) as a part of their plan to win the strength category – and how Peloton sees bootcamps as a great strength workout. It makes sense they would want to expand the bike bootcamp classes to UK & German coaches as well. Of course, Peloton does still have plans for new strength products in the near future as well though.

What isn’t known yet is which instructors Peloton would pick to teach the Bike Bootcamp classes in the UK. Since Sam Yo hinted at it, he seems like a likely candidate. It would seem likely that another one or two coaches would teach them as well – plus some potential German language classes as well. Will we see Hannah Frankson teaching bike bootcamp? Ben Alldis? Or some of the other coaches?

Peloton has been quiet on the bike bootcamp front since they announced them almost exactly a year ago as part of the Bike+ launch. Jess Sims, Robin Arzon, and Cody Rigsby were the initial instructors. Bike Bootcamps were split into their own category a few months later. Then in December, Tunde Oyeneyin was added to the bike bootcamp instructor roster. Other than a few challenges, there hasn’t been much news for Bike bootcamp fans, other than a slow addition of new classes weekly.

Unfortunately, Sam did not drop any hints around when we might see Peloton boxing classes.

Which UK or German Peloton coaches would you like to see teach bike bootcamp classes?

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