Peloton wins patent lawsuit filed against it by Mad Dogg Athletics

Peloton appears to be putting one of their many legal cases behind them. Yesterday, a judge dismissed a patent lawsuit brought against Peloton by Mad Dogg (creators of the trademarked phrase “Spinning”). The judge ruled that Mad Dogg Athletics’ patents were too abstract, and that Madd Dog Athletics didn’t have enough facts backing up their case:

In this case, there is a clear absence of factual allegations to support the eligibility of the patents-in-suit. Having found the Asserted Patents abstract, and in light of a Complaint devoid of factual allegations to support the factual inquiry at Alice Step Two, the Court finds that dismissal without prejudice is an appropriate remedy. There is a wide gulf between a Defendant affirmatively showing by clear and convincing evidence that claims are ineligible under both steps of the Alice inquiry and a Plaintiff failing to plead adequate facts addressing the analytical steps called for in Alice.

The case was first filed by Mad Dogg last December, and has been slowly making it’s way through court in Texas. Bloomberg News first reported today’s update on the closure of the case

The judge dismissed the case without prejudice, leaving the door open for Mad Dogg Athletics to file a new case against Peloton over the patents.

In light of the foregoing, and for the reasons stated herein, the Court finds that Peloton’s Motion to Dismiss should be and hereby is GRANTED but without prejudice. It is therefore ORDERED that all claims in the above-captioned matter are DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. The Clerk of the Court is directed to CLOSE the above-captioned matter.

This isn’t the last time Peloton & Mad Dogg Athletics will meet in the court room. Peloton filed a petition earlier this year requesting that the trademark for “Spinning” be invalidated. Peloton stated at the time that they felt the phrases had become generic, and that they were being “abusively enforcing” by Mad Dogg Athletics.

Peloton filed a similar petition in Australia upon launch there.

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