Robin Arzon featured on Thriver Thursdays

Last week, Robin Arzon sat down with Robin Roberts for an episode of Thriver Thursdays, Roberts’ Facebook series.

Roberts and Arzon discuss how Arzon’s unlikely journey led her from lawyer to head fitness instructor at Peloton. Growing up in a Puerto Rican and Cuban family, Arzon describes herself as a shy kid who was “allergic to exercise” and would do anything she could to get out of PE. Arzon initially wanted to be a lawyer, following in her father’s footsteps.

But all that changed in October 2002. While Arzon was in law school, she was held hostage in a New York City bar while she was relaxing with friends. In order to process that traumatic experience, she turned to marathon running– and has since completed 26 marathons and 10 ultramarathons.

Arzon channels those lessons as well as her monther’s strength while battling MS to motivate students in her Peloton classes.

I do think about trying to be 1% every day. Where will you be in the next 365 days if you’re 1% better, 1% more patient, 1 % more grateful. Celebrating those tiny victories is something that we have the ability to honor.

Arzon notes that her diagnosis with Type I diabetes taught her to focus on the things that she can control to be just a little bit stronger every day. She also loves that her position as Head Instructor at Peloton allows her to channel her artistic side, likening creating playlists and developing ride structures to “painting with sweat.”


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