Peloton States They Will No Longer Play Music by Kanye West In Any New Classes

Peloton has officially stated that they will no longer play Kanye West’s music in any new classes on Peloton.

Update – Peloton has now removed almost all old Peloton classes that contain Kanye West songs as well – which took place around a month and a half after this original statement about no longer playing his music in new classes.

After we shared that instructor Alex Toussaint indicated he will no longer play Kanye West’s music in his classes moving forward, Peloton provided the following statement indicating that will be the case in all classes, for all instructors:

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We take this issue very seriously and can confirm Peloton indefinitely paused the use of Kanye West’s music on our platform. This means our instructors are no longer using his music in any newly produced classes and we are not suggesting any class that includes his music in our proactive recommendations to Members. You should know this was a decision we made immediately following his remarks. Again, thank you for sharing your concerns and thank you for being a Member of our Peloton community.

This means that no new classes will include music from Kanye West moving forward. In addition, the personalized class recommendations members receive via email, through the various Peloton apps, or via suggested classes in various places on the Peloton Bike or Tread will not include past content that features Kanye West songs.

Based on this statement, it does not appear there will be a purge of old classes that contain Kanye West’s music (of which there are more than 1800 according to an artist search on the Peloton website). Old classes that include Kanye West in the playlist will remain in the on demand library for now for members who wish to still take those classes – though this could be subject to change.

West has made headlines all over the world in recent days for his anti-Semitic statements, sparking immense backlash and causing major brands to end their relationships with him. You can read more about this issue, including what Alex Toussaint said in his recent class, in our previous article.

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