Peloton IPO Update

Peloton’s IPO Roadshow has begun! This means we are one step closer to the date of the IPO.

According to an SEC filing earlier this week, Peloton’s initial share price will be between $26 and $29. They will sell up to 46 million shares, which would generate up to $1.3 billion in revenue for the company. If shares sell at the higher end of that range, Peloton would be valued at just over $8 billion. This comes after news that Peloton reported $245.6 million in losses last fiscal year, largely due to R&D costs and increased advertising.

Reposted from Peloton’s S1 filing with the SEC.

According to calculations by Forbes, Peloton’s share price and valuation would need to double in order to make found John Foley a billionaire at the time of the IPO.

Peloton stock will trade on Nasdaq under the symbol PTON.

During Peloton’s Roadshow, you can watch the full promotional video that is being shown to investors. The video highlights the Peloton community and includes video clips of Peloton users sharing their leader board names.




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