Peloton creates new page for Submitting Ideas & Feature Requests

Peloton has created a new way for members to submit ideas for features requests. You can find the page here to submit your feature request to Peloton.

The company shared the update in the Official Peloton Member Facebook page earlier today:

Hi Members, we’re introducing a new way for Peloton to gather your feedback!
Every day, you share your stories, experiences, and feedback on the Official Peloton Member Page, contributing to what makes the Peloton community so special. Now, alongside Feature Fridays, we’re exploring a new way to gather your feedback for future consideration.
Do you have a suggestion for us? A new idea, product, or feature request? We’d love to hear it! Please take 1-2 minutes to fill out our new feature request form here:

The link provided brings members to a Qualtrics survey, where you must input the email address associated with your Peloton account. From there, Peloton asks a series of questions such as:

  • What Peloton device(s) do you use?
  • Which category does your submission pertain to?
    • Hardware, software, content, or other
  • Are you submitting something new or an improvement to something that exists?

Members will then give their submission a short title (six words or less) and write a detailed description of their idea. Members will also have the option to indicate interest in discussing the idea with Peloton if their request is pursued.

Screenshot of a page on the new form for feature ideas.
Screenshot of a page on the new form for feature ideas.

Peloton’s support page for how to submit feature requests has also been updated to point to the same form now as well.

Peloton also maintains #FeatureFriday posts in the Official Peloton Member Facebook group, which allow members to submit ideas for new features and then have other members from within the group vote for suggestions they like. Peloton creates these posts on a regular basis on Fridays throughout the year, and it appears they will continue to do so to complement their new form.

Top submissions typically include featured artist series ideas; the ability to “favorite” as well as “bookmark” classes; ideas for new programs, and more.

If you have ideas for Peloton, be sure to check out their new form.

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