New Yoga Class Type Introduced: Slow Flow

Peloton added a new offering to their Yoga program this week with the introduction of the new “Slow Flow” class series. Intended for those who want to slow down a little bit, the class is described “As the title implies, this is a yoga class where the pace is slower than our other Yoga Flow classes. Poses are held for longer durations, which allows for more instruction, and generally a deeper experience of the poses.”

Anna Greenberg taught the first class this past Wednesday @ 7:30pm ET, and it is available on demand now. Prior to the class, she teased the workout on social media, saying: “We’ll take our time to enter, to stay with, & let go. My hope is that there’s more space to fully inhabit each breath, movement & shape in this practice, & to feel the imprint of each shape even when you leave”

You can expect to see more of these Slow Yoga Flow classes in the upcoming weeks, and from multiple instructors as well. At the time of publishing, here are the next several Slow Flow Yoga classes on the schedule:

  • 2/11/20 – 6:00pm ET – 30 Minute Slow Flow with Denis Morton
  • 2/12/20 – 8:35am ET – 20 Minute Slow Flow with Kristin McGee
  • 2/18/20 – 7:30pm ET – 30 Minute Slow Flow with Ross Rayburn
  • 2/19/20 – 7:30pm ET – 30 Minute Slow Flow with Anna Greenberg

Although not currently scheduled for one, we expect Aditi Shah to also teach some slow flow classes in the coming weeks.

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