Labrinth Peloton Classes & Schedule – Featured Artist Series Ride

Peloton announced another artist series this afternoon featuring the music of Labrinth, a British singer, songwriter, and rapper.

Peloton’s post announcing the series reads:

Labrinth has collaborated with an eclectic mix of artists to bend genres and produce some of the most soul-stirring tunes you’ll hear. So turn it up and you’ll soon find yourself up and out of the saddle as you attack this feel-good workout.

This series will consist of only one class – a ride led by Hannah Frankson:

Labrinth Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts – Featured Artist Series

  • 30 min Labrinth Ride – Hannah Frankson – 10/14/21 @ 1:30pm ET

Though not explicitly mentioned in the announcement, this artist series is likely a part of Peloton’s UK Black History Month Celebration. Members should receive a special badge for taking any of the UK Black History Month Celebration classes – which you can find a list of here which will continue to be updated.

You can find the list of previous featured artist series in our complete guide.

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Chris L
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