Featured Artist Series Workouts – Anitta

This month is LatinX heritage month. As part of Peloton’s celebration, Peloton will be having a featured artist series showcase of Brazilian singer Anitta. The following is a list of featured artist series workouts showcasing Anitta:

Anitta Peloton Featured Artist Series Workouts

  • 30 minute Anitta Peloton Ride with Cody Rigsby – 9/23/20 @ 7:30pm ET
  • 30 minute Anitta Peloton Run with Selena Samuela – 9/23/20 (On-Demand)

Anitta has four albums to date: Anitta (2013), Ritmo Perfeito (2014), Bang! (2015), and Kisses (2019). She is also a television host and actress, appearing in both TV shows and movies. She has been nominated for multiple Latin Grammy awards, and been nominated for (and won) MTV European Music awards.

You can stay up to date with who Peloton has previously featured on the artist series, and who is coming up next, with this handy page.

Image Credit: Joel Rodrigues/ Agência Brasilia – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Anitta-2019.png

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