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Peloton’s SVP/Head of Music Gwen Bethel Riley recently commented in an interview that Peloton would be leaning into the featured artist series more and more. We continue to see near weekly announcements of new artists who are sharing and showcasing their music on the Peloton platform. This weekend saw the official confirmation of an Alicia Keys Peloton series of workouts! You’ll have the chance to run, ride, yoga, or strength.

Alicia Keys Peloton Featured Artist Series Workouts

  • 20 minute Alicia Keys Peloton Run with Robin Arzon – 10/6/20 @ 10:30am ET
  • 30 minute Alicia Keys Peloton Full Body Strength with Jess Sims – 10/7/20 @ 10:00am ET (On-Demand)
  • 30 minute Alicia Keys Peloton Ride with Jess King – 10/7/20 @ 7:30pm ET
  • 30 minute Alicia Keys Peloton Yoga Flow with Aditi Shah – 10/8/20 @ 6:00pm ET
  • 30 minute Alicia Keys Peloton Ride with Irene Scholz – 10/13/20 @ 1:30pm ET

Jess Sims shared her excitement to be leading one of the classes:

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Maybe it’s because her music has always spoken to me since her first “Songs In A Minor” album back in 2001. Maybe it’s because she’s also biracial and I finally saw someone who looked like me. Maybe it’s because she has always fought to define herself in a world that has always tried to define her first. Maybe it’s because her book “More Myself” has helped me learn, ironically, more about MYSELF. Maybe it’s because her compassion, grace and poise during hard times has encouraged me to approach my own personal challenges with that same kind of compassion, grace and poise. Whatever it is, I am so grateful to have this woman in my life! Thank you, @aliciakeys – can’t wait for us to get strong with this longgggg awaited 30min Alicia Keys Full Body Strength ❤️ dropping on demand Wednesday 10/7 @ 10am EST

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We first caught wind of this series thanks to an incomplete listing that popped up on the class schedule, which we shared on social media (you are following us on Facebook and/or Instagram, right?).

You can stay up to date with who Peloton has previously featured on the artist series, and who is coming up next, with this handy page.

Image Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Alicia_Keys_at_CES_2004.jpg

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