Extended warranties now available for purchase in the UK

It has been nearly two years since Peloton bikes deliveries began in the UK. However, until recently, members were not able to purchase an extended warranty for their bikes. The standard warranty that comes with every new purchase protects the bike for parts and service for 12 months (and for those who aren’t aware, this warranty does NOT transfer if you sell your bike to someone else). Starting this week, Peloton UK members are now able to purchase a Peloton provided extended warranty.

The Peloton UK extended warranty offers two options: 12 months of extra protection, or 27 months of extra protection. 12 extra months of warranty will cost £145, while the 27 month option will cost £185. Peloton helpfully notes on their support page that an out of warranty service call would cost £95 and £145. Like the original warranty, the extended warranty is also not transferrable if the bike is sold.

The items covered by the service plan include (correct at time of publishing, but subject to change so always refer to Peloton’s support site for the latest inclusions):

  • All parts and labour for covered repairs on the Peloton Bike during the coverage period.
  • A hassle-free claims process allows for easy arrangements via phone or online chat for professional repairs.
  • Replacement of your Peloton Bike or parts in the event your Peloton Bike or parts cannot be repaired.
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns, failures from normal wear and tear related to a breakdown, and failure caused by power surges.
  • The service plan does not cover: deterioration of the appearance of the product, any cosmetic part or finish defects such as paint, or plastic, dents, scratches, chips, breakage, loss, rust or peeling. Please see terms and conditions attached below for full coverage details

The extended warranty has been available in the US and Canada markets – there is no word yet on when extended warranties will launch in Germany.

You can find full details on the warranty here, as well as the number to call to purchase it.

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