Peloton Adds New Accessories to Barre & Pilates Classes (Mini Bands, Slides, Pilates Ring Circle & more)

Peloton is expanding their barre and pilates modalities to include new accessories. Peloton shared the news via the weekly “This Week at Peloton” @PelotonStudios Instagram post:

Level up your barre + pilates workouts with accessories. Hannah, Aditi, Ally, Anna, and Kristin will show you how to use equipment like mini bands and slides – perfect to add to your holiday wishlist!

"This Week at Peloton" Instagram Post. Image credit Peloton social media.
“This Week at Peloton” Instagram Post. Image credit Peloton social media.

Peloton’s regular rotation of barre and pilates instructors – Hannah Corbin, Aditi Shah, Ally Love, Anna Greenberg, and Kristin McGee – will all be teaching classes with new accessories. Numerous instructors have posted on their own social media accounts about what to expect in their upcoming classes.

On Wednesday, December 13th, Ally Love taught two different Barre classes that utilized bands. This included her 5 minute class as well as her 15 minute pop punk Barre.

Ally Love's Instagram Story about upcoming barre class with bands.
Ally Love’s Instagram Story about upcoming barre class with bands.

Kristin McGee teased earlier in the week via a video that she would showing her using a pilates ring. As teased, she did end up using it during her 30 minute Pilates class on 12/15

Kristin McGee's Instagram post about upcoming pilates class with a ring.
Kristin McGee’s Instagram post about upcoming pilates class with a ring.

In Aditi Shah’s 15 min Pop Punk Pilates class, she used sliders as an accessory this week.

For those who may not have a pilates ring but are interested in obtaining one to use in class, Kristin recommended a specific device from Amazon (affiliate link) that comes in both firm and moderate levels in her Instagram stories earlier this week.

At time of publishing, that device isn’t shipping for a few months, but Amazon has plenty of other options like this one or this one.

As far as Pilates sliders, Aditi Shah was using the lululemon branded workout Pilates sliders. However, Amazon has several cheaper options (at 1/4 the price) which you can see some options here and here.

For mini bands, Ally Love was using the lululemon resistance band set (as a reminder Peloton recently announced a 5 year partnership with lululemon). However, you also can find much cheaper options on Amazon like this – or this.

According to the graphic shared to social media, members can also expect to see equipment like a ball as well in some classes.

Note that Peloton does not currently make this equipment, but there are many options available via lululemon, Amazon or other retailers – some of which we have linked above.

For those unfamiliar, barre and pilates both live within the “strength” modality, and there are specific filter options for each under “class type.”

Are you excited to see barre and pilates classes utilize new accessories and props?

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