Peloton Instructor Sam Yo Teases New Projects

Instructor Sam Yo appears to be working on some special projects that may soon have him branching out into different areas of Peloton.

Update – It seems like one of these projects could be Bike Bootcamps that are rumored to launch later this week in the UK.

In Sam’s live 80s ride from March 29, he mentioned twice during the pre-show (video here or embedded below) that he is working on new things that involve rehearsing and studying: “Some of the things I’ve been working on are some of the things you’ve been asking me to do for awhile.” Sam went on to say that there are three projects he’s been working on and that members will find out soon.

Sam also took the news to Instagram by teasing behind the scenes projects:

Thought I would document and share a few moments from my day 😊
Working on lots of projects BTS that I can’t wait to share with you all! 🤫
Keep watching to catch me cutting some moves 🕺🏽😂

Sam isn’t the only instructor who has shared recent clips of preparing for photo shoots – in fact, it seems like most of the UK-based Peloton instructors have been having photo shoots over the past week.

Sam could be working on a number of different things. The mention of studying could be a clue to Sam potentially teaching Power Zone classes, as Matt Wilpers has been known to require tests before an instructor can teach Power Zone rides.

Another possibility is that Sam may be added as a Bike Bootcamp instructor. The newest addition to the Bike Bootcamp roster is Callie Gullickson, who was added as an instructor last October. If Sam started teaching Bike Bootcamps, he would be the first UK instructor to do so. He previously hinted last fall that Bike Bootcamps would be coming to the new UK London studios.

Other potential options: Sam could be filming more pilates classes (he was an instructor in the original pilates launch), or perhaps he will start offering meditation content.

No matter what it might be, we’re excited to learn about these new projects. Thank you to the “Yes Yo for Sam Yo” Facebook group for sharing the pre-show video!

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