PSA: If you pre-ordered the Peloton Row, reach out to support to get a $300 accessories voucher for Black Friday

Peloton’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales are here, and those who order a brand-new Peloton Row can get $300 off accessories when they order a Peloton Row. (Note that other devices like the Bike, Tread, and Guide are available for sale too, and you can get a discount on accessories by themselves on Amazon.)

For November, Peloton has been offering a price match guarantee to their own Black Friday sales – however, the fine print mentioned it was only applicable since November 1st and didn’t explicitly mention the Peloton Row. This has left those who pre-ordered the Rower in September or October feeling like they were missing out on the sale. Deliveries of the Peloton Row have only begun in the last week or so, meaning everyone who ordered a Rower should still be within the 30-day Home Trial return period.

However, we’re hearing reports from those who pre-ordered the Row that you can easily get a price match to the $300 worth of free accessories for the Peloton Row simply by reaching out to Peloton support via chat or phone. A few members have gotten a pre-built bundle instead of a voucher – but the net result is the same in members being able to get $300+ worth of accessories.

To get your free accessories – connect with Peloton support. Tell them you pre-ordered the Row, and wish to price match to the $300 worth of free accessories that are being offered for Black Friday & Cyber Monday – and wish to get a $300 accessory voucher. They should be able to generate a voucher for you and send it your way shortly.

With that voucher, you can pick & choose whatever Peloton accessories you want. One of the better deals might be the Row Select or Row Ultimate packages – which are discounted to only be $325 or $375 – meaning with you’re voucher you’ll only pay $25 or $75. These get you two or three weights, two mats, a heart rate band, and water bottles. Note that the Row Mat is currently on backorder and won’t ship until February though.

These sales run through the end of the day Monday (November 28th), so you’ll want to reach out about your price match before then.

Some people who reached out to support in the first few hours after the Black Friday sales were launched had some difficulty getting a price match, but it now appears to be a fairly standard process, and you should be able to get your price match quickly & easily.

As always with situations like this, your mileage may vary and it may depend on who you talk to, and it could change at any point (as we saw with Peloton briefly honoring lower pricing on the Tread).

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