Letter from Peloton CEO John Foley promoting the Peloton Tread & Upcoming YouTube Community Event

This afternoon, many Peloton members received an email from Peloton CEO John Foley. In his email, he makes a pitch to new members about the new Peloton Tread, laying out the benefits as he sees it.

John Foley also shares that next week there will be a YouTube Live session talking about the Tread, and answering some community questions. Taking part in the session will be John, Becs Gentry, Matty Magggiacomo, a community member, and a member of Peloton’s product team. The event will be on Thursday, September 23rd at 2:00pm ET, and you can RSVP to watch the video here and submit a question. A link to watch the event will be emailed to those who RSVPd closer to it starting.

In the rest of the email, John Foley highlights a few specific reasons he thinks members should buy the Tread. Of note, there is no mention of the Peloton Tread+ anywhere in the email – or a tease of when it might return. Don’t forget, you can see our guide about the differences between the Peloton Tread & Peloton Tread+ here.

This email appears to have been sent to Peloton members who own a Bike or Bike+, but who do not own the Tread or Tread+.

You can read the letter in it’s entirety below:

When we founded Peloton nearly a decade ago, we dreamt of bringing high-energy boutique fitness experiences into the home through vertically integrated platforms. That’s a fancy way of saying that we wanted the hardware to be the best in the world, the software to bring the energy and connection of other people into your home, and the content to deliver the inspiration of the most motivating instructors coaching over the best music. I hope you agree that the Peloton Bike and Bike+ deliver on that goal already, but I hope you also see that we continue to innovate on the software and content because we always want your experience to get better, a commitment that I made to you back then and I am making to you again today…

But today, I write to you about another platform: The Peloton Tread. Have you ever taken a bootcamp class or a HIIT total body group class or any class involving a treadmill, where the instructor asked you to step off of the treadmill for a more full-body workout? As one of the founders of Peloton, I of course LOVE a great indoor cycling class! As you might guess, so does my wife Jill. But we have found over the years that complementing the fantastic cardio provided by the Peloton Bike with cardio AND strength training via bootcamp classes is a perfect new part of our fitness journey. And we’re not alone. In fact, households that include a Peloton Bike and a Peloton Tread workout a full 100% more per month than households with just a Peloton Bike!

So I wanted to take a minute to share my excitement for the Peloton Tread with you. I’ll break it into 3 simple sections to respect your
time : )

1. The Peloton Tread offers the best experience in the category:

The Peloton Tread, much like the Peloton Bike, delivers incredibly immersive software and classes. My favorite classes are the Tread bootcamp classes, which are circuit workouts that move you on and off the Tread so that your entire body is engaged and you’re able to get a full body strength workout at the same time you’re getting incredible cardio. That said, the Peloton Tread is also, of course, a world-class platform for running and walking classes, from helping you start your running journey to fun runs and marathon training.

So if the gorgeous hardware is what helps you get on the Peloton Tread in the first place…what helps you STAY on the Tread, and keep coming back for more? The best music, software features, and content!! Talk about the top artists (Beyoncé! Billy Joel! Spice Girls!), while you’re running on the best hardware with the subwoofer speakers pumping, while getting high fives on the Leaderboard from so many of you…It is the combination of all of these things that you just can’t beat. And of course, nothing compares to our Instructors!

Our Content library includes thousands of classes from an incredible roster of Instructors, all of whom know how to deeply inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. You will see some familiar faces on the Peloton Tread — like Robin Arzón, Olivia Amato, Matt Wilpers, Jess Sims, and Jess King! We also have the most amazing Tread instructors — Adrian Williams, Andy Speer, Becs Gentry, Chase Tucker, Selena Samuela, Rebecca Kennedy, and Matty Maggiacomo!! And we’ve just added a few new folks to the team — have you met Marcel Dinkins, Kirsten Ferguson, Daniel McKenna, Jermaine Johnson or Susie Chan yet? If not, you are missing out…; )

2. The Peloton Tread offers the best value in the category

Quick reminder: There is no additional subscription cost if you are already a Bike owner!

I’ve said it before but will say it again: our goal is to constantly add value to your Peloton Membership and to be the best value in the entire fitness category. As an existing All-Access Member, you can add a Peloton Tread to your membership at no additional cost. In order to make it affordable to as many of you as possible, you can purchase the Tread starting at $59/month. Learn more about financing here. And, we know that households with a Peloton Bike and a Peloton Tread exercise, on average, 100% more than households with just a Peloton Bike. That’s 100% more fitness and 100% more value for your subscription!

Compared with even the lowest cost gyms, when you look at your cost per workout, Peloton offers the best value. Unlike gym memberships which often go unused, as you know, you actually work out with Peloton. : ) We are deeply committed to your fitness and happiness!

3. The Peloton Tread has integrated safety features

Importantly, as parents, we are proud that our new Peloton Tread is safe for the home, with both hardware and industry-leading software features, including:

  • Tread Lock: A four-digit, digital passcode that needs to be entered to use the Tread. This allows you to protect your Peloton Tread from unauthorized access. Get peace of mind whenever your Tread is not in use.
  • Control Knobs: You can stay in control with intuitive knobs that allow you to seamlessly add or reduce speed & incline. There’s also a red button you can press to bring the belt to a stop.
  • Reminders: To keep safety top of mind, our Instructors remind you and provide guidance before and after classes on how to properly use the Tread.
  • Safety Key: And of course, there’s the physical safety key that brings the Tread to a quick stop if detached. You should clip this on while running and store it out of reach of children and others who should not use the Tread when you’re not using your Tread.

With young children at home, Jill and I are glad that the Peloton Tread provides everything we need for great, and safe, total-body workouts.

Clearly, you can tell I have been loving our new Peloton Tread, and was so excited to tell you why. And, I wanted to invite you to be part of an event to learn more about everything the Tread has to offer. We will be hosting a live 20-min conversation to discuss all things Tread, our exciting programming and new instructors and answer your questions.

Tune in on Thursday, September 23rd at 2:00pm ET for a conversation with me, Peloton instructors Becs Gentry and Matty Maggiacomo, Maureen Coiro, from Peloton’s product team, who worked closely on developing the Tread, and a fellow Member. This conversation will be live streamed through an unlisted YouTube link that will be shared on the day-of the event. Please RSVP and submit a question here.

Reach out to memberevents@onepeloton.com if you have any questions!

I hope you can join us next week to learn more about why we are all loving the Tread. And, come and join me on the Tread Leaderboard!

If you have any questions before then, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to chat.

My very best,

John Foley

Co-Founder and CEO

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Chris Lewis is the creator & founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and uses all the different devices: Peloton Bike, Tread, Row, and Guide. He has been involved in the fitness industry for more than a decade - previously co-founding the websites Mud Run Guide & Ninja Guide. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.

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