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Peloton Australia Premiere Rides Announced with Spotify

Peloton will officially launch in Australia on July 14th. Peloton Digital was released in Australia a few weeks ago, and the Bike & Bike+ will be made available on the 14th. We previously reported the Tread will not be available at launch.

To help celebrate the launch of Australia, Peloton will have not one, but two premiere Australia Rides – and they will be done in partnership with Spotify. Sam Yo will lead a Spotify Hot Hits Australia Premiere ride, and Cody Rigsby will lead a Spotify Monster Dance Hits Australia Premiere Ride.

List of Peloton Australia Premiere Rides with Spotify

  • 30 minute Spotify Hot Hits Australia Ride – Sam Yo – 7/13/21 @ 5:00pm ET
  • 20 minute Spotify Monster Dance Hits Ride – Cody Rigsby – 7/13/21 @ 7:30pm ET

Peloton has slowly been adding more collaborations with Spotify. You can see some of the previous Spotify playlists & collaborations Peloton has featured below:

Additionally, Spotify is one of the two music services (along with Apple Music) that you can save your favorite tracks from Peloton to using the “Track Love” feature.

Image Credit Peloton Facebook.
Image Credit Peloton Facebook.

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