Guide to Peloton Apparel Store & Boutique

Guide to to Peloton Apparel Store & Boutique

FAQs, Timelines, Costs, etc

What is the Peloton Apparel Store, or Peloton Boutique?

The Peloton boutique, or apparel store, is Peloton’s online (and in-person) store where you can go to purchase Peloton branded clothing and accessories. This includes both third party items (like Lululemon, Nike, Beyond Yoga, With, Oliver Thomas, and many other brands) that have been branded as Peloton, as well as some in-house Peloton items. Sports bras, workout tees, pullovers, water bottles, purses, jewelry, and many other items are put for sale. In addition to selling items through their online store, Peloton usually has at least some of the same items (until they are sold out) at their physical Peloton store locations as well. Peloton has separate links for the Peloton store in each country:

Peloton Apparel US:
Peloton Apparel Canada:
Peloton Apparel Germany:
Peloton Apparel UK:

Why is everything in the Peloton Apparel store sold out so quickly?

A common frustration of members is that most items sell out very quickly – within minutes sometimes. The reason for this is two fold – one is that Peloton doesn’t add enough inventory to their store. Peloton looks at their apparel store as a loss leader for their referral program (which we’ll cover more below). But since Peloton members can get $100 boutique credits for each member they refer, rather than looking at their apparel store as a standalone business, they instead see most of the items being given to members for apparel credits. In fact, in the 2020 earnings call, Peloton explicitly stated they were removing reporting of their apparel and clothing line of business due to this reason. This likely impacts how much stock they are adding. Another reason is that members will buy up multiple items and multiple sizes (usually with credits), and then put them for sale on third party marketplaces or facebook groups. This causes items to sell out even faster.

When does Peloton release new clothing items? When does the new line of Peloton apparel drop and get added to the store? How can I be alerted to new items being added?

Peloton does not have a set schedule for when they add new releases to the online store, or restock old items. The best way to get a heads-up is to follow us on Instagram or Facebook – we usually are able to find out the night before, if not a few days before. Now that Peloton has gone international, another tip is that you can usually get a few hours notice by keeping an eye on the UK & German apparel stores. At least the past two releases have seen the UK & German stores add new items at midnight in their respective local times, and then 9-10 hours later the Canadian and US apparel stores have had their releases added around 9am-11am eastern time. Peloton will send an email to members announcing new product releases, however, by the time those emails go out a number of items are usually sold out. Peloton will randomly restock items as well, but usually there are not that many items, and again, there is no rhyme or reason for when those restocks happen.

FAQs about Peloton’s Clothing Store, Apparel, and Boutique

Can I get a refund on something I bought from the Peloton apparel store?

Yes. At time of publishing the return policy is 30 days. “Items must be unwashed and unworn, the original shipping fee is non-refundable.”. To double check the most up to date refund policy, you can check here.

How to refunds work if I used a referral credit?

If you return an item you purchased with referral credit, you will get a new referral credit code back in the amount of items you returned. You will likely have to reach out to support to get your new code.

Can I buy something from the apparel store in another country?

Yes – it’s possible to order items from another country (whether it’s due to items you want being out of stock in one country, or it being a unique item for that country). However, this might require the use of a third party service, or shipping to a friend who then ships it to you.

How is the quality of items in the Peloton apparel store?

Quality can be hit or miss. Some people have no issues with their apparel, while others report that branding starts to peel off the items after a single wear or wash. If you have issues with your apparel, people report having some success reaching out to Peloton support to see about a refund or exchange.

Does sizing run true to size for Peloton clothing items?

It depends on which brand you are talking about – with so many it’s hard to give a global statement about this.

What sort of warranty is on items from the Peloton boutique?

Peloton doesn’t provide an explicit warranty on items in the apparel store, instead relying on their return policy.

Why is there a limit of 5 items of a certain type per order?

Peloton added this restriction to try and help prevent reselling and items selling out so quickly. People instead just make multiple orders to get around the limit.

Do you have a question we didn’t answer? Just let us know and we’ll update the guide with it!