Rumor: New Peloton Scenic Rowing Classes from Hilton Head, South Carolina with Alex Karwoski recently recorded

Rowing enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that there seem to be new Peloton scenic rowing classes on the way. A Peloton team was recently spotted in Hilton Head, South Carolina and appeared to be filming content out on the water.

UpdateScenic rowing classes from Hilton Head with Alex Karwoski & Ash Pryor were released on July 28.

Instructor Alex Karwoski was among those spotted. Numerous images were shared in a local Hilton Head Facebook group that showed a filming team in a boat on the water, with Alex Karwoski in a rower.

Though Alex was the only instructor spotted, there could have been other instructors present for the trip as well.

Alex recently confirmed in the pre-show of a recent class that he had been on location filming a few new scenic rows, but did not share the location (thanks to @bolerobob for the heads-up on this).

Most likely these classes are still a few months away from being released, based on how long previous scenic rowing classes have taken to show up in the Peloton class library after the team was actually on location filming.

Peloton only launched guided scenic rowing content earlier this year. Ash Pryor and Matt Wilpers both have scenic classes available from San Diego, California. When the Peloton Row was first delivered to customers’ homes in late 2022, only non-guided scenic content (i.e. distance and time based scenic classes) were available.

As a reminder, scenic content is only available to members who own a hardware device and is not accessible to Peloton App members (even with the new Peloton app tiers). In addition, device owners can only access the content that was made for that specific device. For example, any new rowing scenic content will not be visible on Bikes or Treads, just as scenic rides are not available on Treads and Rows, and scenic hikes, runs, and walks are not visible on the Bike or the Row. Peloton made these changes in 2021 as part of their scenic content relaunch.

You can view the complete list of scenic rides and runs using our guides. However, you won’t be able to start the classes through the App or web browser.

We will share updates about potential new Peloton scenic rowing classes as they become available.

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