Price Match/Partial Refund or Get Free Accessories for your Peloton Guide

After its release less than one month ago, the Peloton Guide has already been included in a special Mother’s Day promotion. If you purchased the Peloton Guide at the original $295 price, you may still be able to receive the free mat and heart rate band included in the Mother’s Day sale.

The Guide became available on April 5 and has a 30 day free home trial – meaning that if you’re not happy with the product, you can send it back to receive a full refund. Members who purchased the Guide on its launch date will have until Thursday, May 5 to send it back.

The original price was $295 for just the Guide itself; however, Peloton’s current Mother’s Day promotion offers a bundle that includes the Guide, a mat, and the heart rate band for the same $295. These three products together would normally cost $445, but applying the $150 discount code brings the total down to $295.

We’ve received reports from members who purchased the Guide (without any accessories) prior to the Mother’s Day promotion, and they have been able to connect with Peloton Support and receive a price match, allowing them to obtain the mat and heart rate band for free. You can call, chat, or visit your local showroom.

However, it does seem to depend on who exactly you speak with at Peloton. Some agents have instructed members to send their original Guide back and reorder under the Mother’s Day promotion, while others have simply said they’ll ship the mat and heart rate band for free. If you’re encountering an agent who wants you to go through the entire process of mailing back the Guide, receiving the refund, and ordering an entirely new device through the Mother’s Day promotion to receive the mat and heart rate band, it may be worth trying again later to see if you can connect with someone who will simply honor the price match and ship the accessories complimentary.

If you purchased the Guide with an additional package such as weights, or a Peloton Guide and Heart Rate Band, it may still be worth contacting Support to see if there is anything they’ll do for you. We’ve heard other reports of members who have gotten price adjustments/partial refunds on their original purchases.

Whenever Peloton makes big price changes (like their recent drop in price of hardware) or promotions, Peloton typically will honor these for people who purchased in the last 30 days – which is why people are having success with price matching their recent Peloton Guide purchases. This is in large part due to their 30 day home trial period – which would allow members to simply return the products and purchase them with the new price anyway.

Note that the ongoing Mother’s Day promotion only runs through May 8, so time is of the essence if you’re looking to ask Peloton for a price match. Additionally, the Guide first became available for purchase on April 5th, so if you’re looking to price match before your 30 day trial ends and you purchased it on the first day, you only have until May 5th.

When the Mother’s Day promotion was announced, the Peloton Guide was mistakenly offered for only $145 (a $250 discount), and some customers were able to secure the Guide for that price. The free accessories aren’t as great of a deal as that glitch, but it is a way to potentially snag some complimentary products.

If you purchased the Guide before the Mother’s Day promotion and want to pursue the additional accessories, be sure to contact Peloton while you’re still within your 30 day home trial window. Note that Peloton would not proactively offer these accessories or price match – you have to contact them to ask about it.

As always, your mileage may vary on price match situations like these, and there is no guarantee, but we’ve heard of lots of members having success.

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  • ET says:

    I snagged the bundle for $145 and got it all within 72 hours. I still can’t believe it and I almost feel bad for getting such a steal 🤨🤨🧐 I promise to buy more leggings in return!

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