Mayla Wedekind Announced as Newest Peloton Tread Coach

Peloton instructor Mayla Wedekind is adding a new modality to her portfolio and will launch on the Tread this week! Peloton shared the news via Instagram:

You’ve met her on the Bike, and now @mayla_kind is on the Tread! Here are 3 things she recommends you do now so you can get more out of your next run:
👟 give yourself time to warm up & cool down
👟 get to know the Tread before diving into your run (the jump button comes in handy we promise)
👟 plan your workout ahead by building your stack!

Mayla will have a 20 minute Premiere Run on Wednesday, March 15 at 1:00 p.m. ET/ 5:00 p.m. GMT/6:00 p.m. CET. No on-demand classes are available at this time, but a few will likely be added to the library around the time of her premiere class.

Peloton first teased the news of Mayla’s addition to the Tread team last week. She joined the Peloton team in December of 2020 and is currently the only female Tread instructor to teach in German (Peloton’s first female German Tread instructor, Marina Andresen, was only with the company for a short time before departing in 2021). She joins teammates Tobias Heinze, Jeffrey McEachern, and Marcel Maurer, all of whom teach running classes in German from the London Studio.

The new @PelotonStudios social account also shared a new video celebrating Mayla’s upcoming Tread launch.

Mayla is the fifth existing Peloton instructor to be added to the Tread team in recent months. She joins Logan Aldridge, Hannah Frankson, Alex Toussaint, and Camila Ramón, all of whom have made their Tread debut within the past six months.

You can count yourself in for Mayla’s March 15th Premiere Run via the upcoming schedule.

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