2023 Peloton St. Patrick’s Day Classes – Walk, Run, Ride, & Pilates

Peloton will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with special classes on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Four classes are currently listed on the upcoming schedule – three are encore and one will take place live from Peloton Studios New York (PSNY). One class will be offered in German. You can find the complete class list below:

2023 St. Patrick’s Day Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts

  • 20 min. St. Patrick’s Day Walk – Joslyn Thompson Rule – 3/17/23 @ 8:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 20 min. St. Patrick’s Day Run – Tobias Heinze [German] – 3/17/23 @ 8:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 20 min. St. Patrick’s Day Pilates – Kristin McGee – 3/17/23 @ 9:30am ET
  • 30 min. St. Patrick’s Day Ride – Christine D’Ercole – 3/17/23 @ 1:00pm ET [On Demand]

The three encore classes have been pre-recorded and will likely drop to the on demand library earlier in the day.

We do not anticipate a special St. Patrick’s Day badge, as there has not been one in the past. As always, you can find a complete list of badges via our guide.

You can read about Peloton’s 2022 St. Patricks’ Day content via our site.

Will you be participating in Peloton’s 2023 St. Patrick’s Day classes?

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