How to take a Peloton scenic ride or run on the Peloton Digital App (iPhone or Android)

Update – As of May 2021, Peloton removed all of their old scenic classes. Unfortunately, the new scenic classes are only available to be take on the bike or Tread. The following workaround is no longer possible. You can see the list of new scenic rides here, and the list of new scenic runs here.

Peloton has a couple hundred scenic rides & runs (full list here) – which allow you to take a first-person ride through the destinations they have available. On the Bike & Tread, there is a dedicated section for these in the “More” tab. However, on the Peloton iPhone app or Peloton Android App (and others), it seems impossible to find. This leads people to ask “Can I take a scenic ride on the Peloton Digital app”

However, there is a workaround that will allow you to take the scenic workouts from your Digital app! It requires utilizing Peloton’s stacking feature – but can be done!

How to take a Peloton Scenic Ride on the Peloton App

  1. First, pull up the list of Peloton scenic rides on a desktop or laptop (you want to be sure you are using a web browser and it’s not opening in the Peloton app).
  2. Find the class you want to take, and open it on your desktop.
  3. Once the class opens, click the “Stack” button to add it to your stack.
  4. If you have other classes in your stack, be sure to move the scenic ride to the top from your desktop or laptop.
  5. Now on your iPhone or Android (or Apple TV / Roku / Firestick), open the Peloton Digital App
  6. Go to the classes tab (for the on-demand library). You’ll want to be on the page that lists the different class types (Strength/Yoga//Cardio/etc). If you already had this tab open before adding to your stack, you might need to change tabs and come back.
  7. At the top should be a link for “Up Next In Your Stack”. Click into it, and you should see your scenic ride and a “Start Button”
  8. Click the Start Button and enjoy the scenic ride from your phone!

Hopefully this workaround on how to workout with scenic classes on an iPhone or Android will make life a little easier until there is an easier way built into the app to do it!

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