New 1K, 5K & 1 Mile Peloton PR Badges; DFB Academy Badges & Collection Removed

Peloton appears to be adding new personal record (PR) badges for rides on the Bike and runs on the Tread. Members have reported seeing new badges on the “recent achievements” section on their profile.

The first badge is titled “1K,” and the description is: “Awarded for breaking your 1K personal record.” This means that you’ll receive this badge when you achieve a new fastest time traveling 1 kilometer (or 0.62 miles) on the Tread.

1K Badge
1K Badge

Similarly, there is a new 5K PR badge for the Tread as well – which you’ll earn for breaking your 5K PR on a run.

New 5K PR badge.
New 5K PR badge.

Another badge is titled “1 Mile,” and the description is: “Awarded for breaking your 1 mile personal record.” This means that you’ll receive this badge when you achieve a new fastest time traveling 1 mile (or 1.61 kilometers) on the Tread.

1 Mile Badge
1 Mile Badge

Note that these badges are currently only appearing under the “recent achievements” section of the profile home page for the members who are seeing the badges – they are not appearing in the standard full achievements page that contains all the badges ever earned. They don’t even show up when viewing the completed workout.

New badges appearing in "recent achievements" section.
New badges appearing in “recent achievements” section.

It is currently unclear whether additional distance badges will be added, or whether the badges will eventually appear as all other badges do on the member’s profile.

This is not showing up for all members currently, so it’s not clear what criteria is being used for who is getting these badges.

In addition, Peloton appears to have completely removed a badge, even for those who earned it. Peloton launched a collection with the DFB Academy in 2021 and there was a badge available for taking any class from the collection.

However, members have reported that though they previously earned a badge, it has since disappeared from their profile and account. In addition, the collection has also been removed. Note that you can still view the badge listed on our site for historical purposes.

Have you seen new 5K, 1K and 1 Mile badges on your profile? What do you think of this new badge category?

Update – Article has been updated to mention 5K badges as well.

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