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Peloton Launches the DFB-Akademie Collection

Peloton has released a new grouping of classes called the DFB-Akademie Collection, featuring content curated by six DFB Academy experts. DFB Academy is the German Football [soccer] Association. The collection features strength, stretching, yoga, runs, and cycling classes.

Peloton’s blog post announcing the collection states:

Six designated DFB-Akademie experts (among them the legendary DFB Women’s National Team and DFB-Akademie athletics instructor Simone Schubert) have stacked some collection classes for the launch, focussing on the prevention of injuries. They will strengthen your mobility, stability and dynamism—which are the three deciding factors for successful injury prophylaxis. So you’ll be more than ready to start the new season, after the winter break.

24 classes are currently available in the collection with instructors Erik Jäger, Nico Sarani, Mayla Wedekind, and Marcel Maurer. The initial set of classes are intended to help with recovery and injury prevention.

There is a custom badge for taking a class from the collection as well.

From what we can tell, the collection seems to be similar to the monthly strength stack; however, instead of being curated by Peloton instructors, the collection is curated by individuals associated with DFB Academy.

There are currently 4 days worth of stacked workouts from “DFB Women’s”, as well 4 days of stacks from Simone Schubert.

This collection is part of a 2-year partnership between Peloton and DFB Academy that began in October 2020. There have previously been DFB Academy classes as well as a strength challenge and badge opportunity.

Members can access classes in the DFB-Akademie Collection from their Bike, Tread, or app.

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