Peloton Tread sales & delivery not expected to resume before July 2020

In March, Peloton announced that they would temporarily suspend tread sales and delivery. At the time, they did not say how long that pause on sales would last.

Today, as part of their 2020 Q3 earnings report, they provided an update.

Our guidance assumes we do not resume Tread sales prior to the end of fiscal year 2020.

This means that pending another update, the earliest that Peloton Tread sales & delivery would resume would be July 2020 (Peloton’s fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30). The reason for this delay? Peloton doesn’t expect that the social distancing guidelines will allow their delivery people to enter the home until that point. Unlike the bike, where it can be delivered to a threshold or doorway, the tread is too large and heavy to allow for that. So until “normal” deliveries can resume, all tread sales & deliveries need to stay paused.

With Peloton having such a backlog of deliveries, it is also likely that this will impact Peloton’s plan to announce the upcoming lower cost treadmill, as well as the Peloton rower. Peloton did mention during the call that they are still working on “new products”, which were delayed due to the pandemic, and they weren’t prepared to announce new timelines for announcements today.

Edit: Updated to correct fiscal year dates

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Chris L
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