Peloton extending Tread+ recall deadline (for full refund) until November 2023

This morning, Peloton and the CPSC announced that the deadline to get a full refund for a Tread+ was being extended until November 6, 2023. This is a year extension over the original deadline.

The announcement says:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Peloton are jointly announcing that consumers now have more time to get a refund for the recalled Peloton Tread+ treadmill. Peloton Interactive Inc. has agreed to extend the full refund period for these treadmills for one additional year to November 6, 2023.

The press release goes on to imply that Peloton is still working on trying to come up with a fix for the Tread+, saying:

Peloton is working on a rear guard that would address the hazard at the back of the treadmill but no repair has been approved to date.

Peloton later provided a statement on social media that they are still trying to develop a rear guard:

In cooperation with the CPSC, we are also developing a rear guard solution that would help protect users against the risk of accidental pull-under at the back of the treadmill. Before implementing such a solution, the CPSC must first approve the rear guard as part of Peloton’s voluntary recall. Currently, we do not have additional information about the timing for the availability of this possible rear guard solution for our Members.

The Tread+ was first recalled on May 5, 2021. At the time, owners were given until November 6, 2022 to initial a return for a full refund. Today’s announcement extends that deadline for one year. After the deadline, returns are still possible but for a prorated refund.

Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy recently discussed how he was “hopeful” about the return of the Tread+, but the topic has not been discussed by Peloton at all in public statements at all in recent months.

You can read the full announcement here.

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