More Details Shared About Peloton Tread+ Rear Guard in New Video

Peloton has begun scheduling installations of the rear guard for existing Tread+ owners, and included in the communications was a video with more information about how exactly the device works. The video is called “Peloton Tread+ Rear Safety Guard Overview Video” and you can watch via Youtube or below.

Peloton’s Tread+ rear safety guard is the new safety feature designed to address previous safety issues as identified in the 2021 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall. It is installed behind the roller and prevents pull-under of people, objects, and pets. We previously shared a first look when the Tread+ returned to Peloton retail stores last November.

The video starts by covering location requirements for the Tread+. All members should expect to leave at least 78.7 inches (2 meters) of space behind the device; and 24 inches (2 feet) on each side as well as at the front. Members are advised to, under no circumstances, block the rear guard with objects or place it directly against a wall. Members are also asked not to leave the rear guard open when the Tread+ is not in use; the rear guard must be in the closed position in order for the Tread to operate.

Along with the addition of the rear guard comes a new power cable. It is an integrated cable routed throughout the underside of the Tread+. Members should consider the location of the power cable, ensuring there is ample room for it and it is not pinched during incline adjustments, when choosing the location for the Tread+ in their homes. The power cable should be positioned away from the feet on the base of the device. Note that the Peloton power cable cannot be replaced with any other cable variation.

The video also explains how to power on and use the Tread+ with the addition of the rear guard. Users can step onto the device from either side or the back of the Tread+, but are advised not to step directly onto the rear guard, as this can cause damage to the piece.

One of the key components of the rear guard is the “breakaway feature.” This feature is triggered if objects enter the rear guard while it is in use, and immediately shuts off the Tread+ power and slows the belt to a stop – similar to the response of the device if the safety key is pulled.

If the rear safety guard is opened, it must be reset before the Tread+ can be used again. Members must simply move the rear guard back into place. If an object has entered the rear guard, members should unplug the Tread+ before retrieving the object and resetting the rear guard.

The rear guard can be safely cleaned just like every other part of the Tread+. If considering moving the Tread+ a short distance (such as within the same room), make sure to have a minimum of two people ready and keep the rear guard closed throughout the process.

We recently shared that Peloton launched the scheduling process to install the rear guard to current Tread+ owners. Emails began going out to members on January 3, 2024. We previously shared that Peloton had reached out to current Tread+ owners with information about what to expect back in November, indicating that installations for current owners would begin in early 2024.

Though the Tread+ resumed sales with a pre-order phase on December 6, there is still no concrete update about when new orders will begin shipping. “Early 2024” was provided as the timeline here as well. We will share updates as they become available.

You can watch Peloton’s new video about the Tread+ rear guard via YouTube.

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