Crowdsourced Efforts to Help 2,800 Laid Off Peloton Employees

In light of Tuesday’s announcement that Peloton has laid off approximately 2,800 employees as the company undergoes massive change (including founder and CEO John Foley stepping down and the closure of the Peloton Output Park), numerous lists have sprung up online in an effort to provide affected employees job leads.

Three posts on LinkedIn have gained a lot of traction over the past week. One is from a Peloton employee who was included in the layoffs:

You might have learned that around 2800 people were laid-off today from Peloton (including myself). There are a lot of talented people, many of who I’ve hired… who will need your help looking for new opportunities. I am dedicating this time to helping those affected to find a new role.

He started a Google Form to collect information from affected Peloton employees to create a database of those searching for new opportunities. The form has already received hundreds of responses.

Another post is from Peloton’s Director of Social Media:

The last four years of my career have given me a front row seat to watch some of the smartest, hungriest, most inspired marketers, engineers, product managers, salespeople, recruiters, producers, PMs, creatives, and more paint their professional masterpieces at Peloton Interactive. I know every single one of them have many more masterworks in them, and you should get to be a part of what they do next. Social media doesn’t solve every problem, but it can help solve this one.

She also created a database that includes both laid off Peloton employees searching for work, and crowdsourced job openings across the country.

Finally, Peloton is opening up their public Alumni directory which will include profiles of some of those members who recently lost their jobs. Peloton shared the news on LinkedIn:

hat is a Peloton? It’s a cycling term for a pack of individuals who work together to fight the wind. Supporting each other is who we are, and that’s why we’d like to share our public Alumni Directory to our colleagues and friends in tech, fitness, and beyond, which will populate with our impacted team members’ profiles over the next few days. We believe in each and every one of them and we stand by them

A few profiles have been starting to go live on the comprehensive Peloton alumni directory, which they have created in partnership with RiseSmart. This is one of the benefits Peloton is provided to their employees impacted by the layoffs.

In John Foley’s announcement Tuesday he shared that Peloton would be taking numerous steps to assist affected North American employees. This includes cash severance, extending equity vesting periods through the end of February, extending healthcare coverage, providing career services through RiseSmart, and complimentary Peloton membership for an additional year.

If you know of potential opportunities, be sure to check out these databases and resources!

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