Panels & list of events announced for Peloton Homecoming 2022 – class schedule to come later

This morning, Peloton announced their list of special panels & presentations that will take place during Homecoming 2022. If you missed the announcement about the dates, it will take place from May 13-14.

Throughout the course of Homecoming weekend, Peloton will also have dozens of special Homecoming themed classes as well – which are sure to have a special badge for them. Peloton has said they plan to announce those classes the week before Homecoming.

In addition to the special classes, there will be talks & panels led by the instructors and other special guests – which is what was announced today. You can see a highlight of what was announced below, but you can find the full schedule and full descriptions for each panel on the official Homecoming 2022 page.

List of Peloton Homecoming 2022 Panels, Schedule of Talks, and Special Sessions

Keynote – The Pulse of Peloton

One big question is whether this keynote will feature new CEO Barry McCarthy, former CEO John Foley, or a mix of different speakers. Peloton is saying they “are recapping our favorite highlights from the past year as well as making some very special announcements you’ll hear here first.” Two possibilities on what might be announced – The Peloton Rower, as well as the exact dates of when the studios will be open (which has already been said to be Summer 2022). This panel will be Friday, May 13 @ 10:00am ET. You can see what was announced during the Keynote at Homecoming last year here.

Live Panel: The Power of We

Robin Arzon & Leanne Hainsby will lead this panel, which will see them “reflect on the evolution of this ever-growing community. We’ll share some of our favorite memories along with new visions for the immediate future.” This talk will be at 12:00pm ET on Friday, May 13th.

Live Panel: New Content Experiences

Becs Gentry & DJ John Michael will spend this panel talking about special items like making levels for Peloton Lanebreak, producing the Peloton Podcast, behind the scenes with scenic rides & runs, and more. This panel will be at 2:00pm ET on Friday, May 13th.

Live Chat: The Warm Up

Daniel McKenna & Marcel Dinkins have this panel geared towards newer members of the Peloton community. “Tune in for the chance to ask questions and get live insights on everything from creating the perfect Artist Series playlist to Live DJ classes on the Peloton Bike and Tread.” This will wrap up the first day of panels, and take place at 5:00pm ET on Friday, May 13th.

Live Chat: Love for our German Community

Mayla Wedekind, Cliff Dwenger, Marcel Maurer, and Tobias Heinze will lead this panel focused on the German community, which will take place at 4:00am ET on May 14th.

Live Chat: Love for our UK Community

Ben Alldis, Hannah Frankson, and Joslyn Thompson Rule lead this panel for the UK community, taking place at 7:00am ET on May 14th.

Live Chat: Love for our Spanish-Speaking Community

Camila Ramón, Mariana Fernández, and Rad Lopez will have a panel talking about Peloton’s new Spanish content & community, at 9:30am ET on May 14th.

Live Panel: Get to Know Guide

Callie Gullickson & Andy Speer will have a panel to highlight & promote Peloton’s newest product, the Peloton Guide. This panel will be at 12:00pm ET on May 15th.

Live Panel: A Conversation on Mental Health

Kendall Toole, Sam Yo, and Dr. Pooja Lakshmin will “chat about ways to enhance your self-care rituals, the science behind our mind and body connection, as well as unpack the complexities, cultures, and stigmas surrounding mental health.” This will take place at 2:00pm ET on May 14th.

Peloton Homecoming Badge

We fully expect there to be a special badge for taking the Homecoming classes over the weekend. We’ll add it to our list of badges as soon as the first class drops.

Peloton Homecoming 2022 Outdoor Run

Peloton hasn’t confirmed yet whether they will have a special on-demand Peloton Homecoming Outdoor Run for sure yet, but it seems likely that they will.

If you’re curious what Peloton Homecoming has looked like in previous years, you can see our history of Peloton Homecoming here.

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