Peloton appears to be ending regular live Bike Bootcamp classes with new “Bike Bootcamp: Triple Threat” Collection

When Peloton released their new schedule earlier this month, members were quick to point out the absence of Bike Bootcamps. While new consistent times were offered for nearly every other modality, Bike Bootcamp was not mentioned at all. Peloton replied to comments on social media by saying “stay tuned” for more information, and that information is starting to come out in a way that suggests Peloton will no longer offer regular live Bike Bootcamps, at least for the foreseeable future.

On Monday, August 22 – the day the new schedule went into effect – Peloton released a new “Bike Bootcamp: Triple Threat” collection. The description of the collection reads: “Curate your week with a rotating trio of Bike Bootcamp classes—guided workouts that take you on and off the Bike.”

Bike Bootcamp: Triple Threat collection.
Bike Bootcamp: Triple Threat collection.

The collection contains three classes, two of which are brand new on-demand drops from Robin Arzón and Callie Gullickson. The collection is designed to be taken within one week to provide a well-rounded regimen and will be updated on a weekly basis moving forward.

Numerous Bike Bootcamp instructors also shared the news on their own social media channels, providing additional context around the collection – namely that there will be two new on-demand classes included in the collection each week. Jess Sims posted on her Instagram story:

“Every Monday we will drop three bike bootcamps under ‘collections’ – two new and one pre-existing. We recommend taking three a week to feel the amazingness of what these classes offer and we are excited to have three strategic classes each week (full, upper and core!)”

Jess Sims' Instagram Story.
Jess Sims’ Instagram Story.

Tunde Oyeneyin shared a similar message on her Instagram story:

“Update: Bike Bootcamp will now drop Monday’s under the tab “collections”. You will get three drops a week, two classes will be brand new and one will be a pre-existing class. The benefit of the Triple Threat collection is having three strategic classes planned out for you each week (full body, upper body, and core). Happy camping friends!”

Tunde Oyeneyin's Instagram Story.
Tunde Oyeneyin’s Instagram Story.

The phrasing of both posts indicate that Bike Bootcamp classes will drop on demand every Monday, and be updated in the Bike Bootcamp: Triple Threat collection each week. Interestingly, both Jess and Tunde specifically leave out lower body focused Bike Bootcamps (of which there has not been a new class since April) from their descriptions.

As of publishing time, there are only encore classes listed on the Bike Bootcamp upcoming schedule – and this has been the case for a number of weeks now. This paired with the release and phrasing around this newest collection suggest that Peloton is doing away with live Bike Bootcamps, at least for the time being.

Peloton has also begun saying on social media channels that members should not expect to see regular live bike bootcamp classes for the foreseeable future, instead, that they will be relegated to “special” live classes on an infrequent basis.

One member received the following response from Peloton via DM when asking about live Bike Bootcamp classes:

A response from Peloton about live Bike Bootcamp classes.
A response from Peloton about live Bike Bootcamp classes. Thanks to @jaimelynneid for sharing.

Our Bike Bootcamp classes are moving mostly to an on-demand schedule, but we’ll be rolling out Bike Bootcamp releases each week so you can continue your full body training. Stay tuned for special live Bike Bootcamp classes!

Bike Bootcamp first launched as an on-demand only modality in September of 2020, but live classes were quickly added only a couple of months later in November of 2020.

It is important to note that Peloton has not officially announced that there will be no more live Bike Bootcamps moving forward, other than the hints and the responses like above.

We will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the Bike Bootcamp upcoming schedule and access the evolving Bike Bootcamp: Triple Threat Collection here.

Will you miss live Bike Bootcamps if they’re gone for good?

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  • Lynn says:

    Love the bike bootcamp classes. They are my favorite mode since they combine several exercise components in a single class. I hope this new format works and we continue to have access to a range of BootCamp class options.

  • A dissapointed subscriber says:

    What about tread camps?! Those are my fave and i see no more of them on the weekends???!

  • Cheryl says:

    What happened to the Bike Camp Triple Threat Collection? I can’t find it anymore.

  • Joshua says:

    I’m wondering the same. I was all pumped to try it and now it’s gone? What the heck.

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