Bug with Peloton App Preloading (downloading) classes in iOS16

Update – Peloton released an updated version of the Peloton app with a fix for preloading & downloading classes on December 8, 2022.

Peloton has acknowledged a bug with the iOS App that prevents the preloading of classes following the iOS16 software update. Peloton has posted an official incident report to the status channel saying that they are currently investigating the issue.

Peloton incident report regarding preloading in iOS 16.
Peloton incident report regarding preloading in iOS 16.

The preloading feature first launched on the iOS App back in 2019 and allows members to take a class (mostly) offline. You must have an active internet connection to actually start the class – but once you begin the class, it won’t use data or internet, as the video and audio will have already been downloaded. The feature is especially useful for taking classes on the go, or when you’re concerned about maintaining a stable internet connection.

Peloton class preload feature
Peloton class preload feature

However, after the release of iOS 16 – Apple’s latest iOS software update – earlier this week, members have reported that the preloading feature on their Peloton iOS App does not work. When pressing the button, it will appear to begin the downloading process, but the icon sits at 0% with no progress.

Preloading button stuck on 0% in Peloton App with iOS 16 update.
Preloading button stuck on 0% in Peloton App with iOS 16 update.

Peloton first posted an incident report on September 14 stating that they were investigating the issue, but as of publishing time have not posted any updates since. If you’re preloading classes successfully on your iOS Peloton App, it is likely because you have not yet downloaded the iOS 16 software update.

Peloton finally rolled out the preloading feature to the Android App earlier this year, after a nearly three year wait for Android users.

You can monitor the ongoing situation with the iOS 16 preloading bug on the Peloton incident report page.

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  • DM says:

    I’ve been using iOS 16 for over a month now using the beta builds and noticed the app stopped preloading classes on my iPhone after one of the releases. I hoped the issue would go away when iOS 16 went gold, but apparently not. Audio only classes download just fine though.

  • joseph Zayac says:

    Any update on this issue?

  • Sven says:

    They really take their time fixing this one.

  • grace says:

    is there any update on this? this is the only way i use the app so im not really interested in keeping my subscription if its going to be going on for so long.

  • Kari Michaels says:

    Mine will not preload audio only classes or any other classes. When I called peloton support they said it was an Apple issue???

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