Peloton Hints that Rep Counting Will Be Added to the Peloton Guide in the Future

Peloton has hinted that rep counting – a top requested feature – will be coming to the Peloton Guide strength device in the future.

At the Homecoming panel “Get to Know Guide,” instructors Callie Gullickson and Andy Speer sat down with Ben Schultz, a Director of Product Management for Peloton, and member Amy (leaderboard name: #sweatymomof4). When discussing the future of the Peloton Guide, Ben shed some light on where the Guide is headed.

You can see what Ben said embedded above, here on YouTube, or read his quote below:

Directions that we want to head in Guide are really just expanding the feature set. So, making it more accurate, making more movements compatible with it, and also deepening the experience for credit as well. Today, we give you credit for completing the movement for the duration of time that the instructor programmed it for, but there’s a lot of other ways that you might want to get credit on strength training – a lot of ways that you have all asked for us to provide to you as you started using Guide and I can tell you we’re really excited about what’s coming next with that.

Though Ben didn’t explicitly mention rep counting, this has been a top-requested feature from members since the Guide launched in April. This would be an obvious additional way to give members credit for their movement, as Ben alludes to.

Currently, the Peloton Guide Movement Tracker gives members credit for following the class plan – it does not count reps or check form, it only examines whether or not you’re doing the movement the instructor called out. This was a bit of a letdown for some users when the Guide was released, and Peloton acknowledged in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that they were looking at improving this feature in the future.

As the Guide is a very new product and Peloton’s first-ever strength connected device, there is likely a lot to look forward to. Peloton has already confirmed Apple Watch support will be launching for the Guide in summer 2022, another highly requested feature. They’ve even updated the Guide FAQ page with this information.

If you are a Peloton Guide user, will rep counting make an impact on your training?

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