Peloton Fourth of July Classes for 2022 + No Live Classes July 3 – 5 + Apparel Sale

Both of Peloton’s studios in New York and London will be closed on Sunday, July 3 through Tuesday, July 5. The upcoming schedule is currently showing all encore classes for each of those three days. The closure is likely to give the entire Peloton team (both instructors as well as the Peloton staff who support live classes) a break over the July 4th holiday weekend.

Peloton has now posted a statement confirming the closure is another “pause and reflect” time for their team, saying:

Our team is taking a moment to pause and reflect. From 3 – 5 July there will be no live classes on the schedule. During this time, join our scheduled encore and on-demand classes available on the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, Guide and App. #onepeloton

Peloton also has a number of “Fourth of July” classes on the schedule, two of which will happen live. There will be a walk + run, strength, and yoga class. You can view the complete list of classes below:

2022 Peloton Fourth of July Classes

  • 30 min. Fourth of July Walk & Run – Olivia Amato – 7/1/22 @ 12:30pm ET
  • 20 min. Fourth of July Full Body Strength – Callie Gullickson – 7/2/22 @ 9:00am ET
  • 20 min. Fourth of July Yoga Flow – Kristin McGee – 7/4/22 @ 8:00am ET [On Demand]

Olivia’s and Callie’s Fourth of July classes will also encore on Monday, July 4.

Peloton is also holding an apparel sale for the holiday. Members can spend more than $100 to receive 15% off their order; spending $200 will grant 25% off the order.

Peloton has historically held “All for One” classes during the July 4th holiday. All for One classes originally started out with all instructors teaming up to teach one class together up through 2020. In 2021 Peloton launched the All for One Music Festival, which took place over three days and featured the music of 25 artists.

However, Peloton has not recently shared any new information about potential All for One classes this year – but at Homecoming shared it would take place in August this year.

Members have been experiencing a reduced live schedule and periodic studio closures over the past few weeks while Peloton prepares for their grand studio reopening. An official date has not been announced, but all signs point towards August. It is possible the Peloton is waiting for the studio reopening to hold this year’s All for One so that they can have members in-person.

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