Peloton 2022 Holiday Commercials & Christmas Campaign: “The Peloton Effect”

Peloton has announced their 2022 holiday campaign & Christmas commercials, called “The Peloton Effect.” They shared the news in a press release yesterday:

Today, Peloton launched its 2022 holiday campaign entitled, “The Peloton Effect.” Produced in partnership with Mother LA, the campaign showcases how the motivation provided by Peloton’s world-class content and Instructors stay with you long after the workout is over – motivation that keeps you moving forward in life, towards your goals, even through the busyness of the holiday season.

There are two versions of the 30 second advertisement. The main spot will air in the United States and Canada and features instructors Robin Arzón and Alex Toussaint. There is also a secondary version that will air in the United Kingdom and Australia, and features instructors Jon Hosking and Hannah Frankson.

The main spot shows a couple in the middle of their Peloton workouts – one on the Bike and one on the Tread – when they realize family is on the way to celebrate the holidays. They are then shown tackling a lengthy to-do list with the words of Robin and Alex echoing in their brains, pushing them to get things done. You can watch the ad via YouTube. The secondary spot featuring Jon and Hannah follows the same format, and you can view the video via YouTube.

The song used in the 2022 Peloton Holiday commercial is Big Shaq’s “Mans Not Hot”. You can listen to the original song/video here.

The press release provides additional insight into the vision behind the campaign:

“We wanted to capture the unique effect that our Instructors’ words have on our Members, both in and out of the class experience,” said Peloton’s SVP of Global Creative Bryant Brennan. “We know our Instructors’ words inspire and motivate, as we’ve heard countless stories of how Members apply what they hear in class to their everyday lives – it’s one of the things that makes the connection between Instructor and Member so special. Our 2022 holiday campaign brings to life how the kind of motivation you find at Peloton is there for you, wherever and whenever you need it.”

The campaign was created in partnership with Mother LA, an agency Peloton has worked with in the past.

Robin, Hannah, Jon, and Alex posted on social media that they were in Los Angeles a couple of months ago, and we predicted their trip was to shoot a holiday campaign based on the timing.

Peloton has historically released a holiday apparel line around this time, so we’ll be sure to share details about the 2022 collection as soon as they become available.

Peloton’s 2021 campaign was called: “When Your Workout Is a Joy, It’s a Joy to Work Out.” It featured actor Brett Gelman and was a modern day take on A Christmas Carol. Peloton’s 2020 ad campaign told members’ stories and highlighted why members choose to work out with Peloton.

As many longtime members know, Peloton’s holiday campaigns have led to controversy in the past – specifically their 2019 holiday commercial, which was criticized as being sexist and dystopian.

You can read more about Peloton’s 2022 campaign via the press release. What do you think of the new ads?

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