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Peloton launches new advertising campaign – “We All Have Our Reasons”

Peloton this week launched their first large marketing campaign in months, called “We All Have Our Reasons”. Ads will be appearing across social media, advertisements on websites, and TV spots. Peloton has disclosed in their previous quarterly earnings reports that they made the decision to pause all marketing pushes during the pandemic until stores started to re-open. These new ads are the first since the pandemic began.

For the campaign, Peloton is choosing to highlight 9 different Peloton members, and tell their stories of why they chose to sign up for Peloton, and what motivates them. A recent Peloton blog post takes a closer look at some of those member’s stories. Peloton has also created a special landing page page for the campaign as well, which can be found here.

Here is another of the new advertisements (both of which can be found on Peloton’s YouTube Channel):

AdAge reports that this is the first campaign under the leadership of Peloton’s new SVP, Head of Global Marketing, Dara Treseder – who was hired in August. The report states that the campaign was made in partnership with Mekanism, who was the firm that helped produced the viral “Peloton Wife” campaign from last holiday season.

Peloton asks that members continue to share their stories with the community. From the blog post:

Peloton, it’s time for us to celebrate you. Everyone in this community has a unique reason to ride, run, lift or flow with us It’s hearing your stories and seeing your milestones that propels us forward, and we couldn’t be more excited to share just a few of our Members’ stories with the world. Because we all have our own reasons, but we all show up for each other. Share yours with us all month long on social media using #MyPelotonReason and meet a few of the real Members featured in our new commercial below.

Image Credit: Peloton Reasons Website Screenshot
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